“Ametist” company was founded in 1991, in the city of Vladikavkaz on the basis of LLC NGO “Polymer.” The founders of Ametist at that time were: Research Institute of Electronic Materials, Association of Industrial Enterprises and Individuals. The participants of Ametist developed technologies and equipment for the production of adhesive materials. On the basis of the accumulated research and development, the “Polimash” plant produced the first line for the production of adhesive materials in the USSR that was sold for 9 million Soviet rubles.

As a reward Ametist LLC received a line for the production of adhesive materials.

Nowadays, Ametist company offers point adhesive coating materials (plating), calendered adhesive materials, duplicated (laminated) materials, adhesive tapes and mud applicators.

Adhesive underlay materials are intended for sewing men’s and women’s clothes. Polymer glue “Savilen” (Russia), which is produced according to the technology of “Ametist” company, polyamide glue “Griltex” (Switzerland) and polyethylene glue “Abifor” (Germany) are used for production of underlay materials. Various bases are applied. Today, Ametist LLC produces more than 65 types of various products. Our company has the opportunity to significantly diversify the range of produced adhesive materials in addition to the standard range, taking into account the peculiarities of the production technology and the customer’s wishes. In addition to adhesive materials for textile production, Amethyst can produce similar products for the footwear and soft furniture industry. The method of lamination used by Ametist LLC allows to combine materials in two, three or more layers in any necessary combination, including knitwear, wool, bonded fabric, polyethylene film, padding polyester and much more.

The use of laminated fabric is extremely widely used in clothing production, soft furniture, footwear, headwear, construction, medicine, etc., which significantly reduces material and labor costs, increases the productivity of enterprises and increases the quality and range of products. Lamination method used by Ametist company is harmless to humans and environmentally friendly.

Since June 2006, our company has mastered the production of mud applicators, which are used by the Interregional Medical Center.

In 2018, Ametist LLC modernized its equipment and developed a new direction of thermal adhesive materials for curtains (adhesive bando, adhesive lug tapes).